Episode 29

Published on:

16th Sep 2020


The Broads are back! After an unexpected hiatus, during which life decided to throw all of the curveballs, the duo are back and feeling better than ever before! They ease back into podcasting by sharing all of their big life updates...well Sage shares all of her big life updates and Erica shares one. Special guest star and new member of the Balanced family, Louie the kitten, makes his world debut.

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About the Podcast

Balanced Broads
Two Broads just trying to balance their way through life through self care, pop culture, and just about everything else.

About your hosts

Erica Loera

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Sicker than your average...no literally help me I am dying over here. Cute and shy but doesn't ever stop talking.

Sage Koren

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Just a beautiful, fun loving, inspirational Queen... With a thyroid disease and crippling anxiety, but can’t win ‘em all